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The Yii Advanced Filters extension improves Yii's grid view filters by allowing users to enter more powerful search terms. Multiple filter expressions can be combined together when filtering a single column, allowing for complex filters to be applied.

By default, the extension will understand the following patterns when they are entered into a grid filter:

Syntax Description
word1 word2 word3 All words must appear in any order.
"search term" The value must match the search term exactly.
#search term# The value must contain the exact search term.
/regex/ The value must match the regular expression pattern.
n1 to n2 Numerically between n1 and n2 inclusive.
< n1     <= n1 Numerically less than [or equal to] n1.
> n1     >= n1 Numerically greater than [or equal to] n1.
= n1 Numerically equal to n1.
! filter Invert any filter listed above with an exclamation mark.
filter1 | filter2 The value must match at least one of the combined filters.
filter1 & filter2 The value must match all of the combined filters.

For instance, the filters could be used and combined in the following ways:

< 400 & !"" Numerically less than 400 and not blank.
=100 | =200 | =300 Numerically equal to either 100, 200 or 300.
gold & ! fool's & ! pyrite Contains the word gold, but not fool's or pyrite.
/^[A-Z][0-9]+$/ A letter followed by one or more numbers (MySQL).
! /[A-Z]/ Does not contain any letters (MySQL).
1 to 100 & ! . & /[02468]$/ Even integers between 1 and 100.

Note that with most delimiters the whitespace is optional, so <400&!"" and < 400 & ! "" are equivalent.

Currently, MySQL and SQL Server databases are supported. See the guide section about extending database helpers if you need to add support for other databases.

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